Right to Information (RTI)

Information for Public under Right to Information Act , 2005

In terms of Section 4(1) (b) and 4(2) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 it is for the information of the general public that the Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh (JSK),New Delhi is a society registered under the Societies Registration Welfare Act, 1860. The Government has provided a Rs100 crore Corpus fund to signify its commitment to the activities of the Kosh. JSK has to use the interest on the Corpus and also raise contributions from organizations and individuals that support population stabilization. The main aim of organization is to bring the need for population stabilization into focus. The work is being undertaken according to decisions taken by Governing Board which has a blend of both government and non-government members.

Powers/Duties of various authorities

Governing Body
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Financial power of various authorities (Rule 43 of BYE-LAWS)

Executive Director
Powers and Functions of the Executive Director

  1. The Executive Director shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosh. S/he shall be responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of the Kosh as well as the conduct of the other officers and staff, under the overall supervision, direction and control of the Governing Board.
  2. The Executive Director will be assisted by an appropriate strength of officers and staff as may be determined by the Governing Board.
  3. The officers and staff will be appointed by the Governing Board in accordance with Recruitment Rules, and service conditions to be formulated by the Board.
  4. The Executive Director shall, in all matters under her/his charge, have the powers and exercise the duties assigned to her/him in these Rules or Bye laws/procedures that may be framed or such powers and duties as may be delegated further to her/him by the Governing Board. She/he may further sub-delegate her/his powers and duties with the approval of the Governing Board.
  5. All suits, criminal complaints and legal proceedings of any deion whatsoever, by and against the society, shall be instituted and/or defended in the name of and by the Executive Director.
  6. The Executive Director shall have the authority to incur expenditure in such manner as may be prescribed by the Board and shall be responsible for administrative arrangements and details regarding the servicing of grants.
  7. The Executive Director shall prepare the Annual Report and Budget and shall submit it to the Board or Committees thereof for consideration or before such date as may be prescribed by the Board.
  8. Subject to his overall responsibilities to the Board, the Executive Director may delegate such of, his administrative function, as he may consider necessary to any persons appointed by the Board.
  9. The Executive Director will be authorized to correspond with Indian and foreign individuals, institutions and organizations and to cooperate with them in matters relating to the purposes of the Society subject to the direction and approval of the Board.
  10. The Executive Director shall appoint, as approved by the Board, delegates to represent to Society at conferences in which the Society is interested in India and abroad.
  11. The Executive Director shall open, maintain and operate in the name of the Society, a bank account or bank accounts as approved and under the overall supervision of the Governing Board.
  12. The Executive Director shall also be the Secretary of the General Body and of the Governing Board.

Rules and Regulation
The functioning of the Organisation is governed by its rules and Regulation and Bye Laws. The employees of the Organisation are governed by Bye-laws of the JSK and in respect of matters not provided for in the Bye-laws, rules as applicable to Central Government servants regarding the general conditions of service.

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Appellate Authority in RTI cases
Ms. Preeti Nath
Excutive Director
Telephone No. 011-26181633

Dr.Teja Ram
Head of Office
Telephone No. 26181633, 26161265,
E-Mail: drtejaram10461[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in,teja.ram[at]nic[dot]in .

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