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Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh
- Mandate of JSK
- Aims & Objectives
- Government Resolution
- General Body of JSK
- Governing Board
- Executive Director
- JSK Staff List
- Right To Information Act
What JSK will do?
How is JSK Different?
Funds of JSK
Membership and Donation
State Level Health Data
District Level Health Data
Family Planning Facility Data
JSK's Strategies
Link to Virtual Resource Centre
World Population
India's Population
- India's Demographic Trends
- Growth Rates
- Decadal Population Growth
- Population Projections
- Factors that influence Population Stablisation By State
Why Population Matters?
- Overview
- Impact of Population Growth
- What is Demographic Transition?
- Population Momentum
- Millennium Development Goals
- Maternal Mortality Ratio
- Men and Women in India
- Infant Mortality Rate
- Children Matter
- Child Sex Ratio
- Sex Ratio Posters
- Total Fertility Rate
- Table - District wise percentage of Birth Order Three and Above
- Map - District wise percentage of Birth Order Three and Above
- Men's Participation in Planned Parenthood
- Knowledge of Family Planning Methods
- Table - Ranking of district by contraceptive prevalence rate
Population Concepts Simplified
- Overview
- Demographic Transition
- India and Population
- Is Population an Issue
- Sex Ratio and Population
- Development and Population
- Poverty and Population
- Gender and Population
- Child Health and Population
- Contraception and Population
- Youth and Population
- HIV/AIDS and Population
FAQ's on Sexual and Reproductive Health
FAQ's on Child's Health
Straight Answers
Fast Facts
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