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Sexual Health

  What is sexual intercourse?

It is interplay between male and female in which male introduces his erected penis into a woman's vagina.


  How long intercourse should take?

It varies from couple to couple. There is no norm set for this.

  What should be the frequency of the sexual intercourse?

The frequency of sexual intercourse might range from zero (sexual abstinence) to 15 or 20 times a week. Mostly, the average frequency of sexual intercourse for married couples is 2 to 3 times a week. Average frequency of intercourse declines with age.


  is it healthy for ladies to swallow the sperm of a man? Can she become pregnant this way?

As long as the man is healthy, it is not unhealthy to swallow sperm. A woman cannot become pregnant if the sperm does not enter her vagina.


  Does sexual intercourse hurt?

Most often sexual intercourse between a loving man and woman is extremely pleasant and fulfilling experience. When woman is sexually excited and relaxed, her vagina will be moist enough to let her man‘s penis go in without hurting. When the woman is having sex for the first time and her hymen is intact some pain may occur.


  Why does sexual intercourse hurt?

Most often sexual intercourse between a loving man and woman is extremely pleasant and fulfilling experience. When woman is sexually excited and relaxed, her vagina will be moist enough to let her man‘s penis go in without hurting. When the woman is having sex for the first time and her hymen is intact some pain may occur.


 Why does sexual intercourse hurt?

The reason for painful sexual intercourse may be dry vagina, sexually transmitted diseases, injury during harsh forceful sexual intercourse. A woman may also feel pain during intercourse when she is not willing, unaccustomed, or if she suffers from vaginal/ pelvic infection or is having sexual intercourse within first six weeks of delivery / abortion.


  How can one deal with painful sexual intercourse?

While men get aroused very quickly; women take much longer time to be ready for having sex. They need to be respected, cared and pampered before they would like to be active partners. A tender and arousing foreplay can make sexual intercourse a pleasurable experience. For vaginal dryness, the couple should use a water based vaginal lubricants available over-the-counter. The sexual intercourse should not be very harsh or too forceful to prevent injury and irritation. If the pain persists and either of the partners suffers from infection, a qualified doctor should be consulted.


  What should be done if newly married woman is scared of sex and also feels pain during sex?

Marriage is a big change in a woman‘s life. She may be apprehensive and may need time before she is ready for this intimate relationship. The husband should be loving and emotionally supportive. He should make his wife comfortable and the couple should have sex when both partners are ready for it. More time should be spent in foreplay and water based lubricant (KY Jelly) may be used to ensure smoother penetration.


   How can a woman deal with vaginal dryness which may lead to painful sexual intercourse?

At one time or another all women experience vaginal dryness. There are many different types of vaginal lubricants available over-the-counter today which can be used to counter vaginal dryness.


  Why vagina becomes wet during sexual intercourse? Is that harmful?

It occurs because of sexual excitement, it is normal. But if it is associated with pain or itching, a doctor should be consulted to rule out any infection.


  Why do couples indulge in sexual act even when they do not want to have children?

Human is the only animal that does not have sex just for having children. Sex is one of the most beautiful experiences he or she can enjoy in this world. Sexual intercourse is a very good exercise for both heart and mind. It keeps the marital relationship sweet and vibrant. As humans can control their fertility by use of contraception, they can enjoy this special gift without fear of unwanted pregnancies.


  What is hymen? Is an intact hymen always a sign of virginity?

It‘s a thin protective elastic membrane or strip of skin that partially covers your vaginal opening. When you reach puberty, the hymen stretches easily, but a hymen can be torn in many ways such as due to riding a bicycle. A hymen that isn't intact doesn't mean that a girl is not a virgin. Remember, you are a virgin until you have sexual intercourse.


  Is there any test for virginity?

No, there is no test for virginity in either males or females


 Can a person living apart from family for a long period go out for sex?

Best thing is to be monogamous. Masturbation is a good option. Getting involved in some hobby or other activities keeps one occupied. If still one wants to have sex with another woman or man then a good quality and reliable condom may be used. Even condoms do not guarantee 100% protection.


  What is delusion of infidelity/morbid jealousy/Othello syndrome?

Irrational suspiciousness about character of one‘s spouse is called delusion of infidelity. It is found mainly in chronic alcoholics and some mental illnesses. If one suffers from this, their family members should consult a psychiatrist..


 What is sexual orientation?

The term sexual orientation refers to the gender (that is, male or female) to which a person is attracted. There are several types of sexual orientation that are commonly described:
Heterosexual. People who are heterosexual are romantically and physically attracted to members of the opposite sex: Heterosexual males are attracted to females, and heterosexual females are attracted to males. Heterosexuals are sometimes called "straight."
Homosexual People who are homosexual are romantically and physically attracted to people of the same sex: Females who are attracted to other females are lesbian; males who are attracted to other males are often known as gay. (The term gay is sometimes also used to describe homosexual individuals of either gender.)
Bisexual People who are bisexual are romantically and physically attracted to members of both sexes.


  When can a boy/girl start having sex?

There is no absolute right age to start having sex. What matters is whether it is the right time for you. It also depends on what you mean by 'having sex'. There are many ways in which you can give and receive sexual pleasure without having sexual intercourse. Giving each other massages, kissing and hugging can be very passionate. It's a way of sharing and showing love.


   What is an orgasm?

When sexual excitement builds up and reaches a peak a person might experience an orgasm, also called a climax or coming. When a boy has an orgasm he ejaculates. This means that sperm mixed with semen comes out of the end of his penis in a sticky white fluid. After a boy has ejaculated he loses his erection and usually needs to stop for a while. When a girl has an orgasm her vagina often becomes very wet, but she can continue being sexually aroused as long as she likes. Some girls can experience more than one orgasm without stopping.


 is it abnormal not to get an orgasm?

If a person doesn't have an orgasm; it doesn't mean anything is wrong. In fact, worrying about reaching an orgasm or being nervous is quite likely to make it hard for a person to relax enough to have one.


   What is the difference between a male and female orgasm?

The most obvious difference in orgasms is that male orgasms are usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen. Ejaculation involves the secretion of semen into the urethra (urinary canal) and a rhythmic contraction of pelvic muscles that forces the semen out through the penis. During orgasm for a female, the rhythmic contractions take place within the pelvic muscles as well as the walls of the vagina.


   What is anal intercourse?

Anal intercourse is when a boy puts his penis into the anus and rectum of another boy or girl.


   What is oral sex?

Oral sex is when one person licks or sucks another person's penis or vagina. A girl cannot get pregnant from giving oral sex to a boy, even if she swallows his sperm.


   Can a man get a yeast infection if he has oral sex with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection??

Yes, it can happen. The yeast (a fungus) that causes yeast infections, likes to grow in acidic environments, like the vagina. Your mouth is also a similar environment to the inside of the vagina. A yeast infection in the mouth is called thrush. If you have symptoms of a yeast infection in your mouth, like a white 'covering' on your throat, white spots on the back of your throat, or on the roof of your mouth make an appointment with a doctor. Don't worry, it can be treated.


   What is the reason for burning during urination?

Burning sensation during urination is most likely due to a urinary tract infection; doctor should be consulted immediately for further management of the problem.


   What is nymphomania?

It is excessive sexual desire in female.


   Does hysteria occurs due to not having sex?

Hysteria may occur due to psychological stress. Not having sex can be one of the reasons for stress.


   How to clean the private parts?

After every act of urination or defecation private parts should be cleaned with large amount of water in the direction from front to back.


   How to cut hair of sexual part?

Unused Razor/ Blade can be used to shave the hair; clipping of hair is a better option.

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