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World Statistics and Report that reflects on Population issue

Population, nutrition and agriculture by Bernard Gilland.

Published online: 13th February 2007, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007

   India's cereals yield and cereal production per capita have barely kept pace with population growth since 1950. The yield of 2.4 metric tons per hectare (t/ha) in 2005 was well below the 3.3 t/ha world average. Cereal production per capita in 2005 is estimated at 1.08 billion; by the time it has peaked at almost 2.0 billion around 2080 (an exploration of the USBC projection for India's population in 2050: 1.81 billion, increasing at 11 million per year). a cereal yield of 8 t/ha on the present cereal area of almost 100 million ha  would be needed to achieve a satisfactory dietary standard, and it is extremely doubtful whether this is attainable. 
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