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Research Institutions Interested in Population related subjects


JSK promotes and supports innovative activities aimed at population stabilization with the cooperation of influential sections of civil society.


A billion plus population of India will become the most populous country in the world by 2030. This could be a demographic dividend but also a liability. Most research and academic activities address the betterment of the human existence. Certainly population related factors are responsible for much of the prevailing inequities resulting in low social and health indices/outcomes. All research, academic institutions and university faculties concerned with population related subjects are encouraged to:


  • Glance through the Fact Sheet that highlights inter state differentials that impact directly or indirectly on population stabilisation.

  • Respond to a simple Questionnaire which would enable us to network with interested individuals and groups.

  • Inform us about ongoing research or other work which can impact substantially on the current pool of knowledge relating to population stabilisation.

  • Suggest local strategies that can impact substantially on population stabilisation efforts based on published research findings.

Click here to download a Questionnaire. Please send the filled questionnaire to jsk[dot]npsf[at]nic[dot]in mentioning “response_ questionnaire” in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your advice would be meaningful for us.

Kindly forward news about our endeavour to your colleagues and friends who are interested in population related issues.

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