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Men's Participation in Planned Parenthood 

Men can play an important role in deciding the age at marriage and the utilisation of health and family welfare services. Generally they remain outside discussions on reproductive health. Consistent use of condoms is a man's decision. Male sterilization (Vasectomy) although very effective with no side effects, has only 2% acceptance in India due to ignorance and myths. It is essential that efforts to re-popularise vasectomy are intensified. It is vital for men to be counselled about the need to keep a woman in good health if she is to give birth to a healthy baby. It is important for them to adopt spacing methods and to encourage and assist women in seeking services. Educated men and women in positions of authority and influence need to support the cause of population stabilisation as a national need and help reach out to people they can influence. This has to be done in innovative ways that go beyond conventional approaches.

As a part of social responsibility every employer must play his part by making it possible for the men who need information and services to access both.


Male Sterlization (Vasectomy)
Vasectomy is highly effective, safe and permanent method of sterilization for men. Men are still able to produce semen and have the same sexual feelings, desire and capabilities after a vasectomy. Vasectomy does not cause impotence, weakness or affect the man's ability to work and support the family. The current acceptance of the method in the country is 2%.
  Acceptance of Vasectomy & Tubectomy 
NFHS-3 finding on Men's Participation in Maternal Health Care


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