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Men and Women in India

Men and Women in India 
  • In several states in India, 44% of the girls are married by 18 and become mothers soon thereafter. In India anemia levels among adolescent girls are very high in all states. Promoting later marriages and delaying the birth of first child are two strategies that will give girl a chance to build her own health and produce healthy children.

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  • Strong son preference influences acceptance of spacing methods.

  • Son preference is increasingly leading to sex determination tests and the rejection of the female foetus.

  • This leads to an unbalanced gender ratio, societal problems and crime against women.

  • Consistent use of condoms is a man's decision.

  • 98% of all sterilizations are performed on women even when non-scalpel vasectomy is simple and safe.

These factors retard efforts to stabilise the population in a balanced way.



Percentage of unmarried girl who are aware of legal minimum age at marriage. (Source: DLHS: 2007-08)
Percentage of education status among unmarried women                   (Source: DLHS: 2007-08)

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