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JSK's Innovative Strategies
Strategy No. 1 Prerna


this strategy recognizes and awards couples who have broken the stereotype of early marriage and early childbirth and helped chang e mindsets. In this scheme, the girl should have been married after 19 years of age and given birth to the first child at least after 2 years of marriage. The couple will get award of Rs. 10000/ - if it is Boy child or Rs. 12000/ - if it is Girl child. If bi rth of second child is at least after 3 years of first child birth and either parent voluntarily accept permanent method of family planning within one year of the birth of the second child, couple will get additional Rs. 5000/ - if boy child and Rs. 7000/ - if girl child. The scheme is only for BPL families.:

Important Conditions


  1. Couple must belong to BPL family
  2. Age of lady should not exceed 30 years
  3. The girl should have been married On or after 19 year
  4. First child birth is at least after 2 years of marriage
  5. Se cond child birth is at least after 3 years of first child birth s
  6. Either parent voluntarily accepts permanent method of family planning within one year of second child birts

If above four (1 - 4) conditions are full filled then payment of award: :

  • Rs. 10000/ - if boy child
  • Rs. 12000/ - if girl child

If all above six (1 - 6) conditions are full filled then payment of award: :

  • Rs. 15000/ - if both boy child
  • Rs. 17000/ - if one boy & one girl child
  • Rs. 19000/ - if both girl child

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Strategy No. 2 Santushti


Santushti is a Scheme of Jansankhy a Sthirata Kosh (JSK) for high populated states of India viz Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkh and, Chhattisgarh & Odisha . Under this scheme, Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh, invites private sector gynecologists and vasectomy surgeons to conduct operations in Public Private Partnership mod
According to this Scheme, an accredited private Nursing Home/ Hospital ( Quality assurance manual for Sterilization services ), can sign a MOU with JSK. Upon signing the MOU Pvt. Hospitals/NH shall be entitled for incentive, whenever it conducts 1 0 or more Tubectomy/Vasectomy cases in a month
                                                        Click here for a detailed note on "Santushti".

                                                            Click here to download a sample MOU.  

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Strategy No. 3 National Helpline/Call Centre on Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Child Health (1800116555)


Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh has initiated the first of its kind of National Helpline in India on Reproductive, Sexual Health, Family Planning and Infant and Child Health etc. in 2008. The toll-free number 1800-116-555 can be accessed from anywhere in India.The National Helpline /call centre is expected to fill a huge gap in information that medical experts have found exists in communication with adolescent, about–to-be-married and newly married couple as well as people of all ages seeking reassurance before they visit a doctor. People are initially shy about visiting medical facilities and need guidance to address concern like contraception, safe abortion, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections. The aim of National Helpline is to provide reliable information various RCH topics
FAQ's on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
FAQ's on Child's Health

Strategy No. 4 Social Franchising Scheme


JSK will implement Social Franchising Scheme (SFS) by contracting agencies who will work as Social Franchising Organizations (SFOs). They will further contract local private accredited facilities- Private Health Provider (PHP), stand alone clinics, community based health organizations etc. to join a branded franchised chain for providing quality family planning services (sterilization & IUCD). SFOs and PHP will work under the brand name given by the JSK (Master Franchiser). JSK will offer administrative/operational cost as well as supply contraceptives/ other commodities free of cost to the providers along with necessary guidelines for the services. In addition JSK will be involved in demand generation activities such as communication and mass media promotion, skill training, and other necessary hand holding.

Strategy No. 5 Virtual Resource Centre


JSK has established a Virtual Resource Centre (VRC) which provides access to films, posters, photos on subjects like gender, maternal and infant mortality, the waning sex ratio, adolescent health spacing etc. the material is of use to the teaching fraternity, NGO’s, Media, Researchers and Students. Inter-university and school level quiz competitions are now being planned which would further motivate young people to use the VRC which would heighten interest in material and child health issues..

The VRC is a virtual documentation centre and anyone can place orders and receive the material on CD free of cost.

                                                     Click here to visit Virtual Resource Centre".

Strategy No. 6 Display Mindset Change Posters


JSK has prepared mindset change posters and other IEC materials that displayed during Indian International Trade fair (IITF) and Craft fair at Surjkund which address the need of Population stabilisation. In past JSK has also done this excercise through Indian Railway.


The posters below can be downloaded by any organisation and they can fix their own logo and display the posters at places like post offices, rural banks, fertiliser depots, shops or any places where congregates. This is one way of promoting mindset changes by involving civil society.


Mindset changes promoted by well-know such organisations are likely to be received positively by the public.


                                                   Click here for a detailed note on "Mindset Change Posters".

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