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HIV/AIDS and Population

HIV/AIDS and Population

Why should we focus on HIV/ AIDS issues in population programme?
Young men and women who are sexually active and who constitute the workforce of the country are the most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Every 14 seconds, a youth is infected with HIV/AIDS and youth (increasingly women) account for nearly half of the new cases of HIV infection worldwide, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) State of the World Population Report 2003.

High mortality among youth will result in loss of productive labour and an increase in the number of dependants - children and the elderly. This clearly will bring with it greater impoverishment, ill-health and economic decline. Since the ultimate aim of population programmes is to ensure an improved quality of life for the people, not merely reduce numbers, prevention of HIV/AIDS becomes an important component of population programmes.

Worldwide, population growth has been brought down by reducing death rates and limiting fertility, not by allowing people to succumb to disease.








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