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Knowledge of Family Planning Methods 

The knowledge of family planning methods is universal in India, with over 99 percent women reporting knowledge of one method or the other. However knowledge of all modern methods is only 49%. The proportion of women knowing all the modern methods (males and female sterilisation, IUD, oral pills and condom) varied from about 2 percent in Meghalaya to 80 percent in Himachal Pradesh.

According to DLHS (2003-04), around 53 percent of currently married women age 15-44 use any method of family planning in India, but a majority of them have adopted a permanent method of family planning (35 percent). The findings from the survey suggest that unmet need for family planning still remains high in some regions. The ranking and mapping of districts by contraceptive prevalence rate helps to focus the programme more effectively in the districts where contraceptive prevalence is low.

The Couple Protection Rate according to the Ranking and Mapping of Distrits (Based on Socio-economic and Development Indicators) study done by International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and National Commission on Population shows that the bottom 100 districts in rank belong to the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar (29 out of the total 37 districts of the state), Uttar Pradesh and Northeastern states (see table)

  State-wise contraceptive prevalence rate, India, 2003-04 Source: DLHS 2007-08
  Family Planning Methods by use
Source: IIPS (NFHS-3) 2005-06
Unplanned Pregnancies and Abortions
  • 21% pregnancies are unplanned, contributing-6.5 million induced abortions every year. 

  • Timely use of emergency contraceptive pills can avert pregnancies.

  • Emergency contraceptive pills are included in the National family Planning Programme.

This is not widely known. 


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