Governing Board

The general superintendence, management and control of the affairs of the Kosh shall vest in the Governing Board. The Governing Board may:

  • Take steps for making, amending or repealing any rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Kosh subject to the approval of the General Body and in compliance with the provisions contained in the Act.
  • Accept and give grants, guarantees/gifts, donations and subions whether in cash or in securities or in any other form, in furtherance of the objects of the Kosh. 
  • Purchase, acquire, take on lease or hire, or accept as gift any moveable or immoveable property and to deal with the same for furtherance of the objects and activities of the Kosh
  • Sell, assign, mortgage, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose off any moveable or immoveable property of the Kosh as may be necessary or convenient for the working of the Kosh
  • Enter into agreement for and on behalf of the Kosh
  • Sue and defend all legal proceedings on behalf of the Kosh
  • Appoint committee/committees for the disposal of any business of the Kosh or for rendering advise in any matter pertaining to the Kosh
  • Prepare and finalize the annual report, the annual accounts and the financial estimates of the Kosh as it may deem appropriate
  • Delegate to such extent as it may deem necessary any of its powers to the Executive Director or any other officer of the Kosh or to a committee/Committees of the Governing Board
  • Subject to the provision contained in the Act, take steps to make, adopt, amend, vary or rescind from time to time rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Society for:-
    • Conducting of the business of the Governing Board and the Committees to be appointed by it
    • Delegation of its powers
    • Fixing the quorum, and
    • All other matters for which provision is necessary or expedien
  • Perform such other functions and duties as may from time to time be deemed fit, proper and expedient and those assigned to it by the General Body.
List of present members of the Governing Board
Sl. No. Name & Address Designation in Kosh
1. Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Chairperson (Ex-officio)
2. Secretary, Niti Aayog Member (Ex-officio)
3. Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development Member (Ex-officio)
4. Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy Member (Ex-officio)
5. Director General, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Member
6. Secretary General, FICCI Member
7. Dr. H. Sudarshan, Hon. Secretary,Karuna Trust Member
8. Dr. Abhay Bang, SEARCH Member
9. Executive Director (JSK) Executive Director (JSK)
10. Head of Office,JSK Head of Office (JSK)
11. M/s MJRA & Associates Internal Auditor
12. M/s K.S.Choudhary & Co.Chartered Accountant Statutory Auditor
13. AS & FA,MoHFW Special Invitee
14. AS& MD,NRHM,MoHFW Special Invitee
15. one Member from,NCP,MoHFW Special Invitee