Funds of JSK

The funds of the Kosh consist of the following:

  1. Grants received from the Central Government or any member on the Kosh;

  2. Grants received from Societies, Foundations;

  3. Donations or contributions from persons or bodies; and

  4. Incomes from other sources

All grants, donations and contributions are deemed to be grants, donations and contributions towards the Corpus of the Kosh unless otherwise specified. No funds will be accepted by the Governing Board which in its opinion involves conditions and obligations opposed to the Aims and Objects of the Kosh.

JSK had received Rs.100/- crore in the Corpus Fund invested in Fixed Deposits(FDRs). The interest thereon is being used for the furthering the JSK's mandate. That will require to be supplemented with contributions and membership fees which can be used to support innovative projets and strategies to enable people get access to information and services in the area of contraception, reproductive and child health.